Brant & Maddy | The Bull at Pinehurst Farms Rustic Wedding


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Brant & Maddy’s wedding has been a long time coming! These two were the typical high school sweethearts that you just knew would end up getting married. Their ceremony was one of the sweetest, most emotional ceremony’s I’ve ever witnessed. As you’ll see, Brant’s reaction was one that girls dream of as they walk down the aisle. He couldn’t contain himself as this beautiful girl walking towards him was about to be his WIFE! This amazing couple had a perfect laid back attitude throughout the day, letting things happen as they should (even during the complete downpour after the ceremony)! Also, with a bridal party as fun as theirs, they made our job so easy and made us so comfortable!
Brant & Maddy, you two were made for each other and it was such an honor to be such a big part of your day! Let’s be honest, I basically consider you guys my little brother and sister. Congrats again you two lovebirds!