Randy & Mallory | Sheboygan Engagement Photographer


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These two are something SO special! They’ve known each other for close to 15 years, were in the same group of friends in high school and beyond, and they finally figured out that they were meant to be! I don’t want to say I could have predicted this 12 years ago when we were all hanging out in our group of friends, but if you would have told me then that these two would end up getting married, I wouldn’t have been shocked!
I’ve been best friends with Mal since kindergarten so I know her pretty well to say the least! I feel like these two have always had that little spark towards each other over the years, but the stars never aligned during that time. Well, thank goodness they did now because my cheeks literally hurt after their engagement session because I couldn’t help from smiling seeing them together. Pure happiness. They’re one of those couples who radiate love and happiness, as cliche as that sounds.
I can’t wait for November to see these two start their lives together as Mr. & Mrs.!