Dylan & Jess | A Beautiful Maywood Environmental Park Winter Engagement Session


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We lucked out BIGTIME with the weather for Dylan & Jess’ engagement session! 50 degrees in February is simply amazing and I got to take full advantage of it photographing this adorable couple!

I may have said it before, but one of the most common things a couple says to me before their engagement session is, “We’re so awkward! You’re going to have your work cut out for you!” Dylan & Jess said just that. And I proved them wrong with how photogenic and natural they truly are! They absolutely nailed their session. When a couple is easy going and just remain themselves, it makes my job 100x easier because their true personalities show through. That’s what makes for a good photo and easy posing!
I may have had to collect myself a few times from laughing so much, but we got the job done!

January can’t come soon enough so I can work with these two again because if their wedding is half as much fun as their engagement session, I’m all for it!